Our Experiences

Environmental Licensing

Technical Details

Non-B3 Waste Management Technical Detail Document PT. Djabesmen


Environmental Permit Shrimp Estate Kebumen

Environmental Impact Assessment

The Apartment of Cipaku Bandung

Planning and Monitoring The Building Project

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Shrimp Estate Kebumen


DED Jatigede Sumedang Culinary Center


Supervision of the Kebumen Shrimp Estate Development

Survei, Mapping, & Drone Acquisition/Spraying

Land Survey

Land Suitability Survey and Evaluation

Drone Data Acquisition

Oil Palm Plantation Area

Drone Spraying

Karawang Rice Field

Plantation Audit

Plantation Audit

PT IMF Operational Audit

Suitability Control

Survey of Land Suitability for Planting Horticultural Plants

Audit Green House

Ciwidey Horticultural Plant Greenhouse Area

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