• Environmental Licensing

    PT Permata Geo Konsultan are ready to assist business actors in managing various forms of environmental permits


  • Planning and Supervision

    PT Permata Geo Konsultan are ready to serve from planning to supervision in the construction of buildings


  • Functional Eligibility Certification

    PT Permata Geo Konsultan are ready to serve as a Function Worthy Certificate (SLF)

  • Survey, Mapping, and Use of Drones

    PT Permata Geo Konsultan are ready to provide survey services, mapping, drone data acquisition to drone spraying

  • Plantation Audit

    PT Permata Geo Konsultan are ready to provide plantation appraisal services

Our principle in serving is "Professional, Commitment & Giving the Best"

Professional & Commitment

We carry out projects professionally with full commitment to all of our clients

Maintain Client Trust

We will always give our best to maintain the trust of all our clients

Effective & Efficient

Every project undertaken was completed on time

Rely on Us to Complete Your Project

PT Permata Geo Konsultan was established in Bandung on July 6 2021, as a manifestation of the wishes of our founders in order to play an active role for National Development by contributing energy and thoughts in the form of professional consulting services as partners for the Government and the private sector

Projects We've Lived On

We have completed various kinds of professional projects including

Environmental Licensing

Technical Details

Non-B3 Waste Management Technical Detail Document PT. Djabesmen


Environmental Permit Shrimp Estate Kebumen

Environmental Impact Assessment

Apartment Cipaku Bandung

Planning & Supervision of Building/Construction

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Shrimp Estate Kebumen


DED Jatigede Sumedang Culinary Center


Supervision of the Kebumen Shrimp Estate Development

Survey, Mapping, & Drone Acquisition/Spraying

Land Survey

Land Suitability Survey and Evaluation

Drone Data Acquisition

Oil Palm Plantation Area

Drone Spraying

Karawang Rice Fields

Plantation Audit

Audit of Plantation

PT IMF Operational Audit

Conformity Survey

Survey of Land Suitability for Planting Horticultural Plants

Greenhouse recommendations

Ciwidey Horticultural Plant Greenhouse Area

Our Experience

Several companies and agencies that have collaborated with us

University of Padjadjaran

PT Citra Buana Prasida

Kebumen Regency Government

Kementrian Kelautan dan Perikanan

Ganesha Pratama Consultant

PT Agrindo Sukses Sejahtera

Sumedang Regency Government

PT Djabesmen

Permata Agung Sumedang

Itergo Buana Utama